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Pernille Bülow Designs Meaningful Fashion! Oct 2006

Pernille Bülow Designs Meaningful Fashion! Oct 2006Delicious Jewelry combining Scandinavian design and African soul.

The jewelry collection is designed by Pernille Bülow in beautiful color harmonies. The jewelry is handmade fair trade in Ghana by women from the Koforidua area.

The jewelry collection consists of raw material of recycled glass, which is ground up in a metal bucket with a large mortar (a broken car axel). The powder is then burned in a wood fired oven, which transforms the powder into the most delicious handmade beads. ”You can feel the African life affirming soul thru the beads, which are both raw and untreated, yet at the same time has a romantic sweetness to them”.

Pernille’s inspiration was ignited by the women’s poor living conditions, their fantastic bead craftsmanship and her own passion for glass and beads.

Inspired by the women’s bead craftsmanship, their poor living conditions and Pernille’s compassion for glass and beads the fair trade Jewellery project was born.

The project, which initially needed capital, communication development, education in techniques and tools, has since the beginning one and a half years ago, reached new heights. Pernille points out that “we don’t give money away, but instead build business relations”, she continues “We give them tools they can use for the rest of their lives”.

We aspire to be on the forefront of the new wave of conscious fashion. Green fashion no longer means lack of design and hemp sacks. Fashion designers world wide have opened their eyes to a more environmentally and socially conscious choice.
Designers and companies like Rogan (the designer of Edun with Bono from U2), Stella McCartney, Patagonia, Loomstate, American Apparel, Danish Noir Illuminati and many more are creating products, which are both environmentally and socially progressive as well as being trend setters.

People do not buy blindly, just to buy fair trade, or environmentally conscious, but its definitely a plus, which is considered during a purchase. The new generation of consumers demand more than a cheap product. They demand quality, attention to details, exclusivity, and that they vote with their money, which is a fantastic trend, which we at Pernille Bülow support.

The women, who participate in the production have been selected based on their living standards and the fact that they are single mothers. Before the women earned little by selling their beads on the local market. Today the women earn 4 to 5 times their usual daily income by producing jewelry for Pernille Bülow, thereby securing their children schooling, and the family food and clothing.

We create meaningful fashion.

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Pernille Bülow A/S is a multi-concept company based on Pernille Bülow’s design and exclusive glass art. Pernille Bülow finished her education in 1982 at Orrefors Glass School. Thereafter she moved to Bornholm, where she worked at Baltic Sea Glass, and in 1985 she started her own brand as independent owner of Snogebæk (Denmark) glass cottage. In 1989 Pernille Bülow Glas in Svaneke on Bornholm was launched. A company, which today employ approx. 25 fulltime employees. Pernille Bülow was awarded the prestigeous Formland award initially in 1991 for the chess series and in 1997 for the soft bowl design. Today Pernille Bülow A/S consists of much more than handmade glass.
In 2003 the lifestyle boutique concept was launched, in 2005 the Design glass collection, in 2005 the Jewellery concept and in 2006 the Textile line

Joy, positive life view, personal style and charisma, simple yet strong design, which make its mark as exclusive yet functional variations, with a humoristic outlook on life is what Pernille is known for.

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For further information, please contact our Director of PR Sandie Brügmann:

Sandie Brügmann
Pernille Bülow A/S
Public Relations Chef
Mobil: +45 4114 5056

www.bulowglas.dk for images of the handmade collection.


Pernille Bülow Jewelry Approved by Fair Trade Danmark Nov 2006

Pernille Bülow Designs Meaningful Fashion! Oct 2006